Saâdane Afif

Paroles (Songbook)


Paroles (Songbook) 

An artwork in printed form!

Paroles (Songbook) gathers together all the textual collaborations generated by Saâdane Afif since 2004. The artist invited each author, commissioned each contribution and gave the source of each composition, his works being the starting point of all the texts presented here. 

A keystone of the exhibition Paroles, in which it has the status of an artwork, this book is the tool that animates the whole project, used as the basis for improvisations in Studio Paroles. 

It groups the 191 songs in 21 sections, in their original language. The sections are systematically introduced by a title page, listing the works that inspired the songs, their technical specifications and the exhibition in which they were presented. The installations in the exhibition Paroles illustrate many of these collected texts, creating an alternative form of anthology. Through its volume, structure and substance, the publication also has an autonomous existence as a book of poetry and embodies a singular identity, between lyricism and lyrics. 

With an introduction written by exhibition curator Zoë Gray (in English, French and Dutch)

Saâdane Afif – Paroles

WIELS, Brussels (01.02 – 22.04.2018)

Concept: Saâdane Afif

Editor: Zoë Gray

Graphic design: Olivier Vandervliet

Editorial Assistant: Livia Tarsia In Curia

Printing: Cassochrome, Waregem

Edition: 1000 copies

ISBN 978-2-930777-24-5

24.00 €

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