Concert: Bear Bones, Lay Low (KRAAK) & Ruis EXPO

About this event
Bear Bones, Lay Low

Ernesto González has exchanged the Chavez regime for Waterloo in Belgium. He took a guitar in his hands, exercized his Hendrix skills, was introduced to the world of fuzz, wahwah, kraut rock jams, drone lords and cosmic trances and decided that he could as well reconstruct them in his style.

After his debut album Gipsy Sphinx, Vallée de Dith is his second solo release, on which he focuses less on the drones than on  krautrock experiments.  This album is the ultimate South American version of NEU! and  Manuel Göttsching: brilliant riffs, brain washing space synths and far-out hippie meditations.

Probably the best release since Angels Radas Upadesa. A must to rebalance your chakras!


RUIS is a free monthly about avant-garde and not so serious music. It publishes neat drawings by mostly unknown indie artists. It has the best agenda for underground music in Holland and Belgium. It stuns you with reviews, charts, pics & cartoons.

The Ruis EXPO shows the works of some of the artists who have participated in the magazine. the EXPO allows you to discover old and new works from these illustrators, ranging from sketchbooks to posters, from digtal  prints to drawings

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