Cine-club for children


Theme: I'm a girl

Mathilde, Vito Palmieri, IT, 2012, without word, 10'

Mathilde doesn‘t quite seem to be of this world. Every day after school she collects old tennis balls. But what is she planning to do with them?

Mina Moes, Mirjam de With,  ov Netherlands, NL, 2011, 5

Mina loves Minnie Mouse. Every day, she goes to school with her mouse ears.

My strange grandfather, Dina Velikovskayan, RU, 2013, without word, 6'

The story of a little girl and her crazy grandfather - a nutty professor who spends his days collecting other people's garbage on a windy beach in Russia.

Masquerader (The) /Charlot Grande Coquetteo,Charlie Chaplin, USA, 1914, without word, 12’

A film actor, Charlie films too much around women. After being fired, he comes back dressed up as a seductive woman and gets hired on the spot for the lead female role.

Where does the wild butterflies grow,Vladimira Macurova, CZ, 2013, without word, 6'

A little creature is born into a fantastical world and meets other beings while looking for friendship. A poetic story about a search for kindred spirits.