Theme: Dance

 The World Turned Upside Down

Jayne Parker - 2001 - UK- without word - 8'16"

The World Turned Upside Down is an episodic dance of bizarre inversions and reversals between people and dogs.

 Feet of Song

Erica Russell, 1988, UK, without word, 6′

An Original animation film in honour of the African dance with Afrikan and Southern-American rhythms composed by Charlie Hart.

 Philips Broadcast

Georges Pal, without word, VS, 1938, 5′

A commercial clip by Philips with original puppet animation.

 Hen Hop  

Norman McLaren, CA, 1954,
without word, 3’

This joyful short animation features a dancing hen that transforms into an egg. The film was made without a camera by Norman McLaren, who drew directly onto 35 mm movie stock with ordinary pen and ink.


Anne-Lore Baeckeland - BE – 2014 - without word - 15'

Twelve dancers in a fairy-like play ground of paper and cardboard, that slowly changes in an astonishing scenery.

 Papa’s boy

 Leevy Lemmetty, France + UK, 2011, 3′

A small mouse wants to become a dancer, but his parents disapprove of his choice.