Theme: Discover


Daniel Acht - DE - 2013  - 6'34"

Wombo, an alien crashes on our planet. He is chased by a dog, ends up in a vegetable basket and nearly gets cooked for dinner!

 The galliant captain,

Katrina Mathers ,Australië, 2013, 6'

An imaginative young boy and his faithful cat set sail for adventure on the high seas, in this heartwarming and exquisitely animated short film inspired by Graeme Base's picture book The Legend of the Golden Snail.

Novy Druh

Katerina Karhánková - CZ - 2013 - 6'

Three children discover a mysterious bone. To which animal may it belong? Could they have discovered a new species?


Janis Cimmermanis - LV - 2013 – 8'

The Stockholm museum exhibits the Vasa, a ship that sank on its first voyage. Suddenly, a big rat appears. And not just one rat!

The Little Cousteau

Jakub Kouřil - CZ – 2013 - 8'

A young boy, transfixed by the exploits of undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, has his own octopus adventure right at home.