Exhibition "Lire et Ecrire"

About this event

Art and literacy

Inspired by the exhibitions on view at WIELS, the workshops allow the participants to discover and experiment with a variety of artistic techniques (engraving, painting, drawing, animation, etc.) while also engaging in a reflection about the world of today. The goal of the workshop is to strengthen self-confidence, essential for the learning of reading and writing skills, through artistic practice.

These art workshops are coordinated by the artist Katherine Longly, who is accompanied by Marie Evenepoel.

EXHIBITION  07.06-16.06.2013

Exhibition Project Room  Wednesday - Sunday 11.00 - 18.00 of  works of the participants of Lire et Ecrire to the art workshop  in WIELS.

Vernissage 07.06 10.00-13.00

Welcome to everybody