“Jean Baudrillard: the only true postmodernist” by Frank Vande Veire

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In the framework of the exhibition Unexchangeable, Frank Vande Veire tells everything you need to know about postmodernism and the simulacrum theory of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard.

Frank Vande Veire is a cultural philosopher and lecturer at the Hogeschool Gent. He has written plays, opera librettos, essays on philosophy, visual arts and literature, a novel, a film scenario and the illustrious pamphlet I love art, you love art, we all love art (2002). His essays De geplooide voorstelling (1997) were awarded the Flemish Prize for Art Criticism.

16.05.2018, 19:00 (Nocturne)
In Dutch
Free with entrance ticket of the exhibition
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