ABSCHIED UND GEGENSTAND: colloquium on Luc Tuymans Platform project

About this event
Colloquium organised by the Kunstenplatform van de Universitaire Associatie Brussel (Het Brussels model) with: Luc Tuymans (Antwerp), Gottfried Boehm (Basel) and Hans de Wolf (Brussels)


This research project can be regarded as an in-depth confrontation  between the artistic sphere within which images are created (the painter's studio) and the way in which these images are then perceived, as well as an opportunity to  develop theoretical models useful for the decoding and the interpretation of these images. The project wishes to clarify an indinstinct zone which binds the production of the images to their reception. The subject constitutes the basis of the complex and conceptual images that the painter Luc Tuymans produces. The research project has however for ambition to locate these images, to understand and consider them within the broader context of the history of art and images, and this through a direct confrontation of the painter, who expresses himself explicitly through images, with Gottfried Boehm, founder of Bildwissenschaften (science of the images) at the University of Basel.

During the first phase, the two protagonists probed the perception models of the works of art through the study of old Masters (the Budapest sessions). The project is composed of 4 phases and will be concluded by an extended publication presented at the event of Luc Tuymans' retrospective at the Fine Arts Palace in Brussels in the spring of 2011. The first two phases are already finished.

Within the framework of Luc Tuymans' exhibition at Wiels, this project will be presented by its protagonists. A public debate will follow the presentation.

Luc Tuymans is without doubt one of the most influential artists of his generation. His reduced and conceptual visual language inaugurates a new phase in painting. His work has been exhibited worldwide. Tuymans studied the history of art at the VUB.

Gottfried Boehm is one of the most influential living  German historians. He teaches the history of art at the university of Basel and is director of the EIKONES center for the study of the theory of image in the same city. Boehm's work is at the basis of the “iconic turn”, now a tradition within the German history of art, which moved the attention from iconologic meanings towards a more fundamental research of images as a whole.

Hans of Wolf professor of art  history at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and coordinator of Het Platform - Doctoraat in kunsten - het Brussels model, with which he has directed more than twenty “Platform projects”. He also works as consultant for the Fine Arts Palace of Brussels.