Screening of the film "Le Crocodile en peluche" (60') written by Evelyne Axell who also plays the main character. The film will be followed by a documentary (45') about Evelyne Axell made after her... Read more

John Akomfrah: Handsworth Songs
A film essay on race and civil disorder in 1980s Britain and the inner city riots of 1985, Handsworth Songs takes as its point of departure... Read more

In her lecture, Virginie Devillez will consider the dark times for visual art during the Second World War via the individual case of the German-Jewish artist Felix Nussbaum, who was deported on 31... Read more

Lecture - Screening - Performance

Lecture-Performance & Film screening: Gluklya

Gluklya (Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya), who lives and works between St Petersburg and Amsterdam, is considered as one of the pioneers of Russian performance. Read more


Family Funday

Discover the exhibition The Absent Museum on Sunday 02.07 during an exclusive and interactive family tour. 02.07.2017, 13:00 & 15:00
Free with your entrance... Read more

Exclusive tour for teenagers If adolescents sometimes have trouble tearing themselves away from their smartphones, why not use this fascination as a learning experience? WIELS invites teenagers to... Read more

Conversation with the artists Mark Manders and Marina Pinsky around their works presented in The Absent Museum. 21.06, 7pm
In English
Free with... Read more

Conversation with the artists Guillaume Bijl and Wesley Meuris around their works presented in The Absent Museum.
  18.06.2017,... Read more

Kids - Festival


WIELS is coordinating SuperVliegSuperMouche, an arts festival for children. For an entire day, the park of Forest and Saint-Gilles will be a scene of a surprising program, including theater, poetry,... Read more

Somewhere in Brussels, behind closed classroom doors, Sanaz Azari is learning to read and write in her native language, Farsi, using a textbook dating from the Islamic revolution. Over the course of... Read more


Symposium: The Absent Museum

This symposium, featuring a series of individual presentations followed by a panel discussion, offers a discursive platform for the questions raised by the ambitious exhibition project that WIELS... Read more

A lively chronicle of residents of the Béguinage quarter, so named because it is located on the site of the former Brussels beguinage. The film, conceived as an encyclopedic inventory, is composed... Read more

On May 27, WIELS celebrates its tenth anniversary with a day of activities for everyone. From 11:00 onwards you are invited to visit the exhibition The Absent Museum and discover recent... Read more

An event to mark the debut of 'Californication', the first major book by Magdalena Kita, published by Snoeck Verlag, Cologne. The programme will be presented in a 'talk show' format, with panel... Read more

Lucy McKenzie is a Scottish artist who has lived for many years in Brussels. She was closely associated with WIELS’ programme of artists in residence in its early years, but this is the first time... Read more

Material is a montage of film material that dates back to the German Democratic Republic of the late 1980s and stretches to the year 2008. Some footage was shot by Heise himself, some was... Read more

In his new work The Guided Tour - Once We Shared Consequent Masturbation (2017), made for this occasion, Nástio Mosquito takes on a new character: Abdul RodeLaisse, a museum guide... Read more

Carsten Höller describes The Baudouin/ Boudewijn Experiment (2001/2017) as “a deliberate, non-fatalistic large-scale group experiment in deviation.” On 4 April 1990, King Baudouin,... Read more

Nicolas Kozakis lives and works in Brussels and teaches at the Royal Academy of Liège. Raoul Vaneigem is born in 1934 in Lessines, Belgium, and lives in Burgundy. He is a writer and a situationist... Read more

Conversation with the artists Daniel Dewar and Oscar Murillo around their works presented in The Absent Museum.    03.05.2017, 7pm
In EnglishRead more

In a riot and a sculpture, [such] tactical acts of re-appropriation disrupt the circulation of bodies and information within a given terrain, if only for a moment. - John Kelsey, Sculpture in an abandoned field Read more

Lili Reynaud-Dewar’s new performance Small Tragic Opera of Images and Bodies in the Museum (2017) – which premieres at WIELS – features an operatic chorus and raises timely... Read more

Kids - Screening

Cine-club pour enfants

Every last SUNDAY of the month at 10:30 the cine-club invites children between 5 and 10 years old, to come and discover non commercial animated films. in collaboration with filemon   Read more

The Welfare of Tomás Ó Hallissy (2016) is Duncan Campbell’s first new work since winning the Turner Prize in 2014. It is an investigation and reframing of contemporary Ireland,... Read more

Curator/editor Zoë Gray and designers Luc Derycke
 & Esther Le Roy (Studio Luc Derycke) will be present to launch this guide to Sven ’t Jolle’s artistic practice on the closing day of... Read more


Nora Kapfer: New Tar

pulling the organs to the outsidelike an unclean, impure ornamentand not only those who defy symmetry, like the heart and the intestinalsalso the lungsyou defy easy symmetry yourself                                      Inka Meißner Read more


Museum Night Fever

Master market: As part of the Museum Night, the graduate students of the ERG school welcome you to a delirious and offbeat market, echoing the exhibition of Sven 't Jolle.  11.03.2017,... Read more


Baby week-ends : FULLY BOOKED !

 5de edition of this unique event for the little ones. For 2 weekends, babies aged 6 months to 2 are welcome to discover interactive works and a variety of activities centred on artistic and... Read more

Residence - Lecture

Presentation of the Artists in Residency

The artists in residency at WIELS this year will introduce themselves and their work through a series of short and diverse presentations, in the presence of artist mentor Willem Oorebeek. This... Read more


Heritage tour

From January 2017 on, a guide brings you back to the 1930's and tells the story of the Blomme building, a real icon of the Brussels cultural heritage.  This visit will emphasize the restoration and... Read more

Guided tour of the exhibition Sven ’t Jolle: The Age of Entitlement, or Affordable Tooth Extraction by Zoë Gray, Senior Curator, WIELS 01.03.2017, 7 pm In... Read more

Guided tour of the exhibition Sven ’t Jolle: The Age of Entitlement, or Affordable Tooth Extraction by Anne Morelli Anne Morelli is a historian and professor at the ULB (Université... Read more

"How is it that we are still barbarians?" Schiller asked himself. Francis Smets’ book Les ailes de la nostalgie chants this question as a refrain. Like a dowser, the author assesses all... Read more

Kids - Screening

Cine-club for children

Every last SUNDAY of the month at 10:30 the cine-club invites children between 5 and 10 years old, to come and discover non commercial animated films. in collaboration with filemon Read more

Guided tour of the exhibition Sven ’t Jolle: The Age of Entitlement, or Affordable Tooth Extraction by Stella Lohaus Stella Lohaus (b. 1968, Antwerp) opened her gallery in Antwerp in... Read more

Sahar Saâdaoui, artist in residence at WIELS in 2016, presents in the WIELS Project Room the work she developed most recently during her residence at Academia Belgica in... Read more


La Nuit des Idées

The Nuit des idées (Night of Ideas) will take place on 26 January 2017. The theme will be “One World” and will bring together speakers of international renown – intellectuals, researchers and... Read more

Paul Hendrikse (b. 1977, the Netherlands) produces alternative sets of knowledge around historical ‘facts’. His artistic projects are mostly centered on historic persons who have left a mark in... Read more

Since its opening in Brussels in 2007, WIELS Contemporary Art Centre has organized ground-breaking exhibitions of Belgian and international artists, both emerging and established, while developing... Read more


Family Fundays

This Sunday discover Eric van Lieshout's exhibition during an exclusive and interactive family tour. 08.01.2017 15:00
Free with your entrance ticket-without... Read more

Conversation about The Show Must Ego On between Erik van Lieshout and Rein Wolfs Rein Wolfs (b. 1960, Hoorn) is a Dutch curator and art historian. He is currently the Director of... Read more


Eeva-Mari Haikala: The Only Happiness I Know Is Sad Happy

The forces that make us human are difficult to capture. In this exhibition, Eeva-Mari Haikala attempts to visualize time, memory, longing and stillness through photography. During its opening night,... Read more