07.01.2018 Lecture Reading: Glen Rubsamen (EN)
07.02.2018 Lecture Conversation & lecture-performance: Joëlle de La Casinière, Olimpia Hruska, Jean-Philippe Convert
21.02.2018 Lecture Look Who’s Talking: Caroline Dumalin
25.02.2018 Lecture Look Who’s Talking: Zoë Gray (Postponed)
28.02.2018 Lecture Lecture: Infernal Rodeos by Lars Bang Larsen
06.03.2018 Lecture Conversation: Tetshim, Frank Mukunday and Nelson Makengo
07.03.2018 Lecture Look Who’s Talking: Saâdane Afif
11.03.2018 Lecture Dirk Snauwaert on André Cadere
21.03.2018 Lecture Lecture: Sophie Podolski, Cutting-Edge Outsider by Erik Thys
24.03.2018 Residence - Lecture Presentation of the artists in residency
28.03.2018 Lecture Lecture: Disrupting Democracy #3
21.04.2018 Lecture Book Launch: Tamuna Sirbiladze
16.05.2018 Lecture “Jean Baudrillard: the only true postmodernist” by Frank Vande Veire
23.05.2018 Lecture Look Who’s Talking: François Curlet
26.05.2018 Lecture Look Who’s Talking: Guillaume Bijl
06.06.2018 Lecture Look Who’s Talking: Hana Miletić, An Vandermeulen, Sarah Késenne
27.06.2018 Lecture Debate: A Museum of Contemporary Art in the European capital
01.07.2018 Lecture Look Who's Talking: Dirk Snauwaert
04.07.2018 Lecture Dessislava Dimova: “The Modernist Grid and the Fabric of the World”
12.08.2018 Lecture Look Who's Talking: Dirk Snauwaert
08.09.2018 Lecture Book Launch: Sophie Podolski
25.09.2018 Residence - Lecture Presentation of the artists in residency: Session 13
03.10.2018 Lecture Patricia Falguières: Museum of Accessories
07.10.2018 Lecture Look Who's Talking: Devrim Bayar
10.10.2018 Music - Lecture - Bookshop Vincent Meessen: Book and Record Launch
17.10.2018 Lecture Alied Ottevanger: On the drawings of René Daniëls
04.11.2018 Lecture Look Who’s Talking: Zoë Gray
07.11.2018 Lecture Look Who’s Talking: Sophie Dars & Carlo Menon, editors of Accattone
18.11.2018 Lecture Look Who's Talking: Fiona Mackay
05.12.2018 Lecture Gesture and Event
09.12.2018 Lecture Look Who's Talking: Koenraad Dedobbeleer
19.12.2018 Lecture Raphaël Pirenne: Live in your head
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