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La Monnaie at WIELS

On 31st October, WIELS organises a nocturne as part of the Nocturnes in the Brussels museums. On the occasion, a small ensemble of seven musicians of La Monnaie will play Périodes by... Read more

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Onement Label Presentation II

Onement is a label created in 2006 for releasing unique, one-copy records on LP (Keith Rowe, John Tilbury, Robert Hampson...). For its second evening at WIELS, the label invites Yannick Franck to... Read more

Music theorist and critic Adam Harper is a prominent contributor to The Wire and Dummymag in addition to his very own acclaimed blog Rouge's Foam. He will settle in WIELS for a lecture about pop... Read more

Nearly 20 years after their first album and a legendary performance at  Galerie Fruchtig in Frankfurt in 1996 Sud are back. Some people thought of them as Frankfurt's answer to Sonic Youth – as if... Read more

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Experienz # 2 - Materializing the Social

Held during the Brussels art fair, Experienz # 2 is an innovative, forward-looking package of four days of performances, choreographed actions, talk, lecture-performances, performed works, concerts... Read more

Music - Performance

Onement Label Presentation

The Onement label is inviting the audience in the hall of WIELS on Friday 8th March for a listening session of its newest release: a recording of English pianist John Tilbury performing a series of... Read more