Visite guidée de l'exposition de Francis Alÿs par l'artiste Edith Dekyndt, une proche d'Alÿs avant son départ au Mexique. Read more

Visite guidée de l'exposition de Francis Alÿs par le maître architecte Olivier Bastin, qui a organisé une exposition d'Alÿs en duo avec l'artiste Mélanie Smith en 1992. Read more

We are pleased to announce the screening of the videos "Obsession" (2008) and "Naked Freedom" (2010) by Marina Gržinić and Aina Smid, followed by the presentation of the book "Public... Read more

Visite guidée de l'exposition de Francis Alÿs par le commissaire d'exposition et professeur Piet Vanrobaeys, qui a organisé la première exposition monographique de l'artiste en Belgique (Gand... Read more

Visite guidée de l'exposition de Francis Alÿs par Jef Lambrecht, journaliste à la VRT qui a interviewé l'artiste pour le documentaire As Long as I'm Walking que lui a dédié le... Read more

Evelyne Axell can be considered a "pure product" of the sixties : in both her life and her work, she incorporated the consumerism and pleasure-seeking attitude of her time, but also its share of... Read more

In 1964, Evelyne Axell put an end to her promising career as a TV presenter, actress and film writer to devote herself solely to her art practice, an artist's life that abruptly  ended in a... Read more

Residence - Lecture

Presentation of the new artists in residentcy

The new artists in residency at WIELS talk about their work during an evening of short lectures, followed by a drink. Join us and meet the new artists who will be working with us until the end of the... Read more

Lecture by Elvan Zabunyan

Wangechi Mutu's work manifests a deeply personal and singular character. While her Kenyan origin and American education make her a perfect... Read more

Entr’acte – A Form In Between
Literally indicating the time in between acts in 17th century French Baroque theater—but also the moment between a given gesture or action —... Read more

The conference by Michel Baudson will propose an "archeo-technical" approach to video art before the 80s, when the analog processing of temporal images and the limits of their definitions... Read more

The Halles de Schaerbeek and the Festival Momentum invite two performers for a residency in Brussels for one month.  Shima, invited by Festival Trouble, and Angie Seah, by Festival Momentum, talk... Read more


Models of authorship

Models of Authorship

The seminar will discuss models of authorship from four different perspectives: Jonathan Monk (artist), Joost Smiers (legal theorist), Seth Siegelaub... Read more

Véronique Danneels will present the political, sexual and relational commitments specific to the AIDS activist movement and its intersections with the art and performance scene in Belgium. These... Read more

The Brussels gallery director Xavier Hufkens had the privilege of working with the artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres, whose only monographic exhibition in Belgium he organized during the artist's... Read more


Look who's Talking: Danh Vo

Visite guidée de la seconde version de la rétrospective de Felix Gonzalez-Torres curatée par l'artiste Danh Vo.

Danh Vo (né en 1975 à Saigon, Vietnam; vit et travail à Berlin) est... Read more


Symposium: MTL & Art & Project

MTL & Art & Project - The origin of minimal and conceptual art in Belgium and The Netherlands

In the light of MoMA's (New York) recent exhibition and publication about the Art... Read more


Lecture: Communisms' Afterlives

A conference curated by Elena Sorokina and Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez for The Public School. With contributions from Adrian Rifkin, Marko Stamenkovic, Oxana Timofeeva, Grant Watson.... Read more

In recent times, the culture industry has capitalised on the work ethic of the art world - its ever-youthful energy, allure of freedom, flexible working hours, short-term or lack of contracts -... Read more

Visite guidée (FR & EN) de l'exposition Felix Gonzalez Torres: Specific Objects without Specific Form avec la curatrice de la rétrospective Elena Filipovic.

Elena Filipovic est... Read more