Eeva-Mari Haikala: The Only Happiness I Know Is Sad Happy

The forces that make us human are difficult to capture. In this exhibition, Eeva-Mari Haikala attempts to visualize time, memory, longing and stillness through photography. During its opening night,... Read more

Location: Rectangle, 189 Rue Emile Féron, 1060 Brussels (not at WIELS!)
Opening: 16.12.2016, 18:00–22:30
Concert: pizza noise mafia,... Read more


Patrick Carpentier: Now That I'm Gone

 “When researching the genre of still life, I became interested in a peculiar element in Giorgio Morandi’s painting. Morandi depicts various objects side by side: bottles, bowls, sometimes a... Read more


Chloë Delanghe: Love Letters 2016

Chloë Delanghe presents a new series of photographic works in the Project Room, one year after her residency period at WIELS. Delanghe was inspired by the turtledove and other platitudes of love,... Read more


Ghislaine Leung: 078746844

Artist and writer Ghislaine Leung, resident at WIELS in 2015, lives and works in London and Brussels. Recent projects include Soft Open Shut at Studio Voltaire; Le Bourgeois at... Read more


Sharon Van Overmeiren: The Happy Inn

For the past six months, Sharon Van Overmeiren has been exploring the meaning and lineage of objects displayed in various compositions, with a focus on their metaphysical qualities. Nearing the... Read more


Anssi Pulkkinen: FALL (On Azure)

Finnish artist Anssi Pulkkinen has conceived a kinetic installation for the WIELS Project Room that draws a parallel between current world politics and the politics of the exhibition space. The... Read more


Benjamin Installé: Sgrafitto

"Now, Lord, hear the quivering whispers which rise from this little cell in my basilica, and counsel me. My servants, from the countries of Flanders and Germany even to the towns of... Read more


Saman Kamyab

Trifolii It fluttered around the room for a while then landed on her computer screen. It knocked against the glass hectically for a few seconds before coming to rest. To her... Read more

Residence - Screening - Bookshop

Chloë Delanghe: Reasons to Be Cheerful

Book presentation
Reasons to Be Cheerful by Chloë Delanghe deals with the problematic of portraiture and the supposed weight of image making. The book is a fragmented... Read more

Residence - Lecture

Presentation of the Artists-in-Residence

The new artists-in-residence will give insight into their work through a series of short and diverse presentations. Come and get acquainted with the artists who are working at WIELS during the coming... Read more


Spatial Sublation

Philip Janssens, WIELS resident in 2015, invites artists Léa Belooussovitch, Stefano Faoro and Saori Kuno for a playful inquiry around his own artistic practice. The participating artists are each... Read more


Nadim Vardag

A strange emptiness rules the spatial settings of Nadim Vardag. For his presentation in the Project Room, the former WIELS resident continues his investigation of scenarios in which objects appear as... Read more



PUBLIKATIONEN + EDITIONEN bookshop will sell all available publications produced and distributed by the Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach, Germany. 

A selection of editions produced by... Read more