PUBLIKATIONEN + EDITIONEN, in collaboration with Wiels and Etablissement d'en face, host a screening of videos presented by Frances Scholz and Mark von Schlegell. Frances Scholz, Scholz, a painter... Read more


Franz Zar

Austrian artist Franz Zar concludes his residency at WIELS with an installation that engages the exhibition space as a whole. The individual works are deliberately conceived on the threshold of... Read more

Residence - Lecture

Presentation of the new artists-in-residence

Throughout the evening, current artists-in-residence of WIELS will introduce their work by means of short presentations. The perfect opportunity to get acquainted with our residents before the end of... Read more

The work of Gwendolyn Lootens consists mainly of drawing and video and the movements that are taking place in between. There is no premeditated plan: the hand draws a line, followed by the eyes,... Read more

Am I the only one who is like me ?  This is a question characteristic of Saddie Choua’s life and work. It problematizes the position of the solitary “I” that is also never... Read more

The artists in residency at WIELS present their work during an evening of short lectures, followed by a drink.   With:   • Stefano Faoro (1984, Italy)   • Benjamin Installé (1990,... Read more