PUBLIKATIONEN + EDITIONEN, in collaboration with Wiels and Etablissement d'en face, host a screening of videos presented by Frances Scholz and Mark von Schlegell. Frances Scholz, Scholz, a painter... Read more


Franz Zar

Austrian artist Franz Zar concludes his residency at WIELS with an installation that engages the exhibition space as a whole. The individual works are deliberately conceived on the threshold of... Read more

Residence - Lecture

Presentation of the new artists-in-residence

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The work of Gwendolyn Lootens consists mainly of drawing and video and the movements that are taking place in between. There is no premeditated plan: the hand draws a line, followed by the eyes,... Read more

Am I the only one who is like me ?  This is a question characteristic of Saddie Choua’s life and work. It problematizes the position of the solitary “I” that is also never... Read more