9 to 5

Mark Pezinger Verlag publishes artworks ranging from one-offs to higher editions and from books towards sound works to performances. In the exhibition 9 to 5 Mark Pezinger presents Kasper... Read more

We wanted to build an exhibition around the "aesthetics of location" mainly,
but also included into this framework are the elements of interiors,
and the objects that... Read more

A project by Diego Thielemans with César Brun, Sebastian Capouet, Benjamin Installé and Raphael Van Lerberghe.  This project responds to the idea that the length of a film is... Read more

Cynthia BEATT (b. 1949, lives and works in Berlin) was born in Jamaica and moved later to the Fiji Islands. She studied art in Britain and then traveled for a year through the Middle East, Iran,... Read more


Soft Measures

Soft Measures is a group exhibition curated by André Tehrani and Anthea Buys for the project space at WIELS Art Centre in Brussels. The project is a conclusion of Tehrani’s residency at... Read more

It takes courage to say what comes to her: she never knows what could come up and scare her. At some point, she felt like a tiger with a deadly arrow buried in its flesh. What is the... Read more