Suse Weber: Formula - Kongorama#3

The sculpture’s origin lies in the manifestation of a symbol of power. The monument, the pedestal, and the rows of seats stipulate a code of behavior. Dimensions, placement, and material have the... Read more


Anders Nordby: Clinical Impression

The mirror reflects the gallery and viewer back on themselves, questioning the role of the institution and the visitor within it.

After inviting the art collective Institutt for Degenerert... Read more

Residence - Lecture - Screening

Residency Screening, Reading & Exhibition

The artists in residency invite you to an evening of presentation of their work. With: David Catherall, Rob Johannesma, Stephanie Kiwitt, Liesbeth Marit and Anders Nordby Read more

Click here for pictures of the installation

The artist in residency Anders Nordby invites the collective of Norvegian artists, Institutt for Degenerert Kunst, of which he is a member, to... Read more


84 paintings

The artist in residency Fiona MacKay invites two painters from Glasgow, Morag Keil and Manuela Gernedel, to work together in the Project Room of Wiels. Everyday, each artist produces 2 paintings. In... Read more


Tiago Mestre : Specific Sunset

Specific Sunset by Tiago Mestre architecturally ‘scales’ ( 10:1 / a scale that is never used in architectural practice as its “bigger than reality”) the emotional intensity of film to produce... Read more

Lina Grumm, artist in residency at Wiels, invites 3 artists  to exhibit at Wiels. From 30 July to 16 August, a series of three exhibitions will take place in the project space located at the... Read more


Ben Cain: The Making of the Means

Former artist in residency at Wiels, Ben Cain presents a large installation on the first floor of Wiels during the summer entitled The Making of the Means.

In some sense there is nothing... Read more


Metropole Alliance

With: Simon Thompson, Hagen  Betzwieser, Angela Butterstein, David Catherall,  Stephanie Kiwitt, Tiago Mestre, Szilard Miklos,  Vítor Reis and Jochen Weber. 

From... Read more

Residence - Lecture

Presentation of the new artists in residency

The new artists in residency at Wiels present their work during an evening of lectures.

With: David Catherall (CA), Lina Grumm (DE), Paul Hendrickse (NL), Stephanie Kiwitt (D), Fiona... Read more


Before the Dark Falls

Met: Thomas Bernardet, Ben Cain, Aurelie Gelade, Beatrice Gibson, Mayumi Kimura, Wobbe Micha, Jimmy Owenns, Yoann Van Parys, Jochen Weber

De kunstenaars  van de tweede sessie van het... Read more