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Guided tour and artistic workshop


For all primary schools located in Ixelles, Uccle, Forest and Saint-Gilles: WIELS and the community centers Ten Weyngaert and Elzenhof take you on an interactive tour and hands-on workshop around the exhibition sorted, resorted by Gabriel Kuri.

The world in which we move and live is littered with objects, from impressive marble statues to crumpled receipts and cigarette butts.

What do all those things that surround us mean? What information do they give us? And how can we bring order to this chaos? Who left them where we find them?

Into how many categories can we divide all those objects? How can we name these categories? And possibly disturb them?

Guided tour at WIELS

Hanna Ravnsborg Hollevoet takes your class through the exhibition of the Mexican artist Gabriel Kuri at WIELS. Paper, plastic, metal, building materials: the exhibition is divided into different chapters, each with their own character.

Workshop at GC Ten Weyngaert

Always curious and full of ideas? During the artistic workshop at  the GC you can take on the role of inventor and link all kinds of information to new objects. These brand new objects, in turn, influence the categories, diagrams and graphs in which we try to classify them.

For the French speaking groups, this workshop will take place at WIELS.

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For: 1st to 6th year of Primary School - Ixelles, Uccle, Forest and Saint-Gilles

When: on Tuesdays between 11 am and 3 pm

Language : Dutch or French

Price: 130 euros all-in

More info and contact: annabel.debaenst@wiels.org