Conceived by the French artist Pierre Leguillon, The Museum of Mistakes: Contemporary Art and Class Struggle brings together works that he... Read more

Body Talk addresses issues of feminism, sexuality and the body, as they play themselves out in the work of a generation of women artists... Read more

Family visit

Family Funday: Pierre Leguillon

Discover THE MUSEUM OF MISTAKES by Pierre Leguillon with your children on Sunday 8 February. Read more

Screening - Pierre Leguillon

The Promise of the Screen presents
Homage to the Square, an evening around Josef Albers

In a short documentary film directed by Hans Namuth and Paul Falkenberg in 1969, Josef Albers explains his painting technique and discusses his...

In conjunction with the release of its second volume, Mémoire Universelle (MU) is pleased to present an event in collaboration with Wiels. Read more

In the documentary film ‘My feet are growing day and night’, nursery school children explore the imaginary and real world with three artists, a... Read more

For one day, the Teatrino Palermo , the theatre by Blinky Palermo duplicated by Clément Rodzielski on a idea by Pierre Leguillon, will leave WIELS. Read more