The Absent Museum

To mark its 10th anniversary, WIELS presents a large-scale exhibition to be held not only at our fully refurbished Blomme building but also in the... Read more

Lili Reynaud-Dewar’s new performance Small Tragic Opera of Images and Bodies in the Museum (2017) – which premieres at WIELS –... Read more

Marije de Wit presents in the Project Room the work she developed during her residency at WIELS in 2016. Read more

Conversation with the artists Daniel Dewar and Oscar Murillo around their works presented in The Absent Museum. Read more

Film screening

Raoul Vaneigem & Nicolas Kozakis

The films of Kozakis and Vaneigem are the result of the encounter and the friendship between them and are based on conversations, observations,... Read more

Carsten Höller describes The Baudouin/ Boudewijn Experiment (2001/2017) as “a deliberate, non-fatalistic large-scale group experiment... Read more

In his new work The Guided Tour - Once We Shared Consequent Masturbation (2017), made for this occasion, Nástio Mosquito takes on a new... Read more


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